meredith and josh wedding date: july 6, 2007


(as told by Josh)

As Meredith and I began talking about marriage and where we were going to live, and we decided it was time to list my condo on the market. If you are unaware, the real estate market went into a complete recession in 2006 so we knew selling might be a little tough.

We began ring shopping...

After a while of searching and finding absolutely nothing, we went to Jared The Galleria of Jewelry in Orlando on International drive. Meredith picked out a dandy of a ring! It was a little more than we had discussed in regard to the budget so we left and decided to think about it.

In the meantime I got an offer on my condo and we hammered out a deal! We were both very excited as that would free up the money to pay for the ring. I told Meredith as soon as the condo closes I'll buy the ring. As the closing neared and everything was on track, I decided to go ahead and purchase the ring as Valentine's day was coming soon. I went back to the store and they had sold the setting! I panicked a bit but the sales lady assured me she could get another one. After an hour or so of phone calls she located the setting and had it shipped overnight to Orlando.

I went back to Jared's the next day to pick up the rings and I showed up a bit early as they were still setting the stone. As I waited my phone rang, it was my realtor... the deal had fallen apart! Ouch. I called Meredith and broke the bad news.

Feb 9th 2006
Meredith bought me Jimmy Buffett tickets for Valentine's Day. The concert was the 10th. We decided not to go up to Tallahassee until Saturday morning as we were both tired from work that day. Now is my chance!

I started looking for a nice place for us to go eat. Naturally everything was booked. After searching for a while I got a reservation at a place called Dux at the Peabody hotel. Meredith asked my why we were going to such a nice place and I told her that this would be our Valentine's Day meal since she wouldn't be in Orlando due to her working in Atlanta that week.

This place was perfect!! The lights were low and it was a very quiet, intimate setting. We got a corner table and were able to sit right next to each other facing out into the room. During the meal the topic went to the failed condo sale and I told her the ring purchase wasn't an option at this point and she was really bummed. I was trying to think of how I was going to propose throughout the entire meal.

After desert Meredith said "Well, at least we'll always have Jimmy Buffett to remember Valentine's by." I thought to myself, "This is perfect timing." I slid out to the edge of the table and went around to her side as she watched me with a puzzled look on her face...

I got down on one knee and popped open the ring box and said "Meredith Higgins, will you marry me?"

She was in complete shock as the tears streamed down her face, and she said yes.

The wait staff was very kind and bought us a champagne toast. Many of the guests in the restaurant came by and congratulated us.

After the commotion died down and we were ready to leave, I attempted to pay the bill and my debit card was declined. Knowing full well I had enough money in the bank to cover the check, I asked him to run it again. Later I discovered that because I had tried to put a down payment on the ring with my debit card, which exceeded the daily limit, my bank shut the card off and didn't call me. Oops.

Comic relief ensued as Meredith ended up paying for our engagement dinner and I bore the brunt of a few jokes as the restaurant staff, patrons, and Meredith all had fun with that one.